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    17th January 2018

17th January 2018

Buy Soma

Having great product doesn’t always mean you will get the sales it deserves! The way you present it to people on your website directly impacts your conversion rate. Let’s see how tweaking your website can improve your conversion rate.

Use smart headlines

On average, 8 out of 10 website visitors read the headlines without continuing further to read the content. It’s essential to make sure that your headlines are straight to the point in order to engage visitors and not let them slip away.

Do a simple test – skim only through headlines without reading the whole page and ask yourself if it’s clear:

  • What your offer
  • Who are you offering this to?
  • What’s the benefit of your product?

Create a clear value proposition

Time to have a look at your website copy. Many people skim through the content without reading it thoroughly so you don’t have time for long explanations. Does your copy answer your audiences potential questions straight away?

  • What’s in it for me?
  • Why should I buy from your company?
  • Why should I purchase now?

Install a live chat

One of the powerful tools used to engage website visitors and lead them into your desired action is live chat. 44% of online visitors consider the availability of a live chat on a website as a crucial factor during an online purchase.

There are many live chat plugins out there, however we would recommend a free one called Buy Valium Scotland. Its simple to set up and also provides you with some great stats to help you convert the user into a sale – like what page of your website they are on, other pages they have looked at etc.

Live chat will helps you to:

  • Convince people about the value of your product
  • Engage your website visitors proactively
  • Provide help with completing your CTA
  • Give people an incentive to purchase immediately
  • Capture leads
  • Personalize your sales strategy

Add effective testimonials

Obviously, giving people proof about how good your product is will always help with conversion. However, not every type of testimonial is effective – as you know, anyone can write a testimonial on a website.

The following methods would give people more confidence in your product:

  • Add video testimonials
  • Don’t create a separate testimonials page
  • Use testimonials from clients who were in a worse situation than an average client
  • Try to get testimonials mentioning success figures
  • Add the full name, photo, company and the person’s position to enhance credibility.
  • Try to get endorsements from high-profile companies or an influencer

Insert video content

We already mentioned video testimonials but consider adding other video content as well because that’s a high-converting tool.

64% of consumers are more inclined to purchase after watching a product video.

Tips for effective video content:

Make it short People’s attention span is limited. The video duration should not exceed 2 mins and the recent trend is to add videos about 30 secs long (up to 1 min).

Make it dynamic You need a strong, captivating content to grab your potential customers’ attention. Incorporate action, humor, wit, and inspiration.

Humanize your video Show there’s a real person behind your brand and not only objects. Demonstrate how people actually use your product or show your team working on it.

Eliminate distracting elements

Don’t pack too many components in one place. Try to keep your website clear, simple and easy to instantly understand what you are offering. Too many options = confusion = lost lead!

Help your visitors by indicating who your product is intended for, or which option is favored by the majority of people (‘Most popular choice’). Add filters, so people can quickly select the best fit without being lost for choice forever.

  • Cut out redundant content
  • Make your copy visually appealing and readable
  • Make your CTA easy to locate

Make the signup/purchase process easy

Keep your forms short Every additional field makes you lose prospects so try to keep the form only to essentials. You can ask for more details later.

Make your CTAs very clear Something like Start an account, Submit or Join up is not effective because such calls don’t tell of any benefit. Phrases like ‘Get a 30-day Free Trial’ or Yes, I want my 10% discount now’ work better.

Don’t ask for payment details on sign up This is often off putting and you wouldn’t believe how many leads you lose! The phrase ‘No credit card required’ under the ‘Start free trial’ CTA works wonders for higher click-through rate.

Ok so thats it from us! If you would like further advice about how to boost your website conversions, or if you would like help with a digital marketing campaign please Buy Lorazepam 2Mg Uk.