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Moot’s most popular cloud hosting solution gives you peace of mind that you will never run out of hosting space. Our unlimited hosting plan gives you Unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited email accounts for just £19.99 per month.

Our unlimited cloud hosting package ensures you get the very best value for money whilst enjoying all of the features you require to build a successful website.

We also offer free website and email migrations. If you are already set up on another server there is no need to worry, we can backup your existing hosting package and carefully move it over to our unlimited cloud hosting package with minimal downtime. We will also provide you with a website preview link so you can check your website over before we make it live. We’ll also get your email accounts set up on the new server so you can continue working as normal!

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cloud hosting croydon
Unlimited Cloud Hosting
Rated 5.00 out of 5
£19.99 / month

Guaranteed 99.9% uptime! Unlimited storage Unlimited bandwidth Unlimited mailboxes Unlimited FTP accounts Unlimited MYSQL databases…